She is Strong - women in leadership

Women’s leadership is a benefit to any organisation but often undervalued. We work with women to find their own leadership style and make an impact, and with organisations to remove barriers for women to advance into senior leadership roles.

It pays to empower women in your organisation!

Did you know that there are fewer CEOs who are women than men in leadership roles called David?

Did you know that women make up 48% of the workforce but only 21% of C-Suite globally?

We see the value that women bring to the workplace and to the world!  Together with Troodi and CONTRACT GmbH, we support women to bring their light into the workplace and leadership roles.

We believe this will greatly contribute to creating more humanist, agile and futurist workplaces!

Let’s assume that women had as many management jobs as men. Would companies be more successful? Would the work culture change? Maybe even society as a whole? Or politics?

Are you making the case for attracting more women to your organization and promoting them?

Our “She is strong – Women in Leadership” programme gives women in leadership positions a boost in the most important personal and leadership competencies for the workplace of today and tomorrow.


Through She is Strong women leaders – 

  • Develop stronger confidence to express themselves clearly and courageously
  • Learn assertiveness and constructive communication in multiple roles
  • Gain clarity about their own strengths and their individual leadership style
  • Demonstrate a strong drive and self-confidence about their career goals
  • Build networks and key relationships with confidence and purpose
  • Develop strategies to live their power and influence consciously and powerfully
  • Support other women in their organisation and network

She is Strong – one programme, two learning paths


Self-directed learning on our troodi learning platform, intensive live sessions with an experienced trainer and moderated by structuring and motivating emails

  • High flexibility and self-direction in large parts of the programme
  • Intensive and in-depth live sessions with an experienced trainer and leadership developer
  • Regular reminders and learning prompts and moderating emails
  • Diversity of trainers: 4-5 different people
  • Content refreshers of learning programmes any time
  • 1 year access to all learning content and trainer inputs

Full Virtual

Continuous development process based on regular live sessions and case consultationsfacilitation and coaching by an experienced trainer.

  • High level of personal commitment to a group of participants
  • Strong possibility to tailor discussions around the needs of the participants
  • Continuity and long-term development
  • Deep personal connection to an experienced trainer, leadership developer and coach
  • High level of dialogue and connection between participants

She is Strong development

Different formats:


As described above, we offer She is Strong as a hybrid or fully live programme. Depending on the organisations’ way of working, the live programme can be run face to face (4 x 2 days) or fully virtual (24 x 2 hours). leading, futurist thinking and humanist behaviour


We offer coaching for women who want to work on specific aspects of their leadership approach and profile. 

Consulting & Organisational Development

We offer Consulting and Organisational Development services to support an organisation to optimise the power of Women in Leadership and transform their organisational culture. For example:

  • Gathering data to create urgency and a business case for women in leadership
  • Developing awareness campaigns
  • Working with stakeholders to encourage culture change, e.g. gender dialogues with topics such as:
    • Gender equity vs. gender equality
    • The role of men in advancing women in leadership
    • Unconscious bias regarding gender
    • The ‘cages’ of men and women
  • Reviewing and updating HR policies and practices


"We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change."

Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In

"CONTRACT facilitated a very successful one day vision strategy session for our women's organisation. Judith led our group expertly with passion and compassion ad guided us to form a clear vision within a very tight time frame. I was most impresses with the process and the outcome."

Want to unleash the strength of women in your organisation?

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