Insights Discovery

Which are you – fiery red, sunshine yellow, earth green or cool blue? Learn how a unique colour language can help you know yourself better and optimise the way you work, individually and with your team.

Why Insights?

We chose Insights Discovery as it provides a memorable and unique colour system to describe a person’s preferences and style. It enables people to build self-awareness and adapt to the different styles of colleagues, clients and other stakeholders.

Insights Discovery is a well-known profiling tool that provides lively and deep development for individuals, teams and organisations. People find it engaging and effective, as it uses a memorable and unique colour system which is easy to understand. As they use it more they find greater depth and richness to really understand what drives them and their colleagues. It is used by many organisations globally and locally; Google, BP, Microsoft, Standard Bank, Pick-n-Pay and Woolworths to name a few.

Insights also provides tools to drive effectiveness in teams, departments and organisations. We use it in all those realms, from helping a leader to know themselves better and consider how they can optimise how they lead others right through to assisting whole businesses  transform their culture.

Why we love the system

We enjoy using Insights Discovery for the following reasons (and using Insights colour language!);

  • It creates effective processes and systems for you that take you forward (Cool Blue)
  • It enables you to stay task-focused and achieve results (Fiery Red)
  • It stimulates innovative thinking, connection and motivation in your business (Sunshine Yellow)
  • It creates employee engagement through deep connection between people (Earth Green).

Why you will love it too…

  • Simple: the easiest personality profile to understand so everyone can apply what they learn.
  • Universal: it speaks to everyone – your whole organisation will be captivated by the Insights magic.
  • Deeply insightful: it will take you to places that you never expected.
  • Positive: constructive language empowers people to change.
  • Fun: the memorable colour energy system really sticks.

Insights Discovery & personal growth

The Insights Discovery personal profile report ‘holds up a mirror’ for people to see themselves clearly. You complete an online questionnaire and receive a personal profile outlining preferences, strengths and areas to develop. The profile gives you a positive, engaging and transformative insight into yourself. It provides you with insight about how you lead, interact and work with others. It will ultimately assist you in building stronger and deeper relationships and optimise how you do things in all areas of your life.

How we approach it

We provide you with a written report and a verbal feedback session to assist you in understanding the key elements of your report. This is either a one-to-one or group session with colleagues, face-to-face or online . Following this you can develop a plan to optimise how you communicate, connect and lead. You can choose to do this on your own or through coaching sessions with one of our consultants. Through raising your self-awareness and effectiveness your self-confidence will flourish in all areas of your 


Insights Discovery and developing teams

Know your team

Insights Discovery profiles provide a powerful basis for increasing team effectiveness, performance and morale. We use the profile so that everyone in the team can recognise their similarities and differences. Then we facilitate focused, deep, discussions about all aspects of your team, including areas such as team conflicts, productivity, motivation and acknowledging differences.

How we approach it

We develop tailored interactive 2-day workshops (or online equivalent) that assist people both to understand themselves and their team members. This will allow you and your colleagues to apply that learning directly into your specific team context. For departments we offer processes which can integrate teams into effective networks as well. For deeper issues we design processes with a number of interventions, including check-in points to review progress and re-plan.

The Insights Discovery tools and language enable teams to get to the crux of their communication, relationship and activity issues quickly and respectfully.

Insights Discovery for engaging cultures

What we love about Insights Discovery is that it is so flexible – our clients like it too as they can start small. In fact, many start using it with individuals or a small team and then roll it out furtherand then base their departmental or organisational culture change efforts on the Insights tools. Making a workplace a great place to be isn’t easy in today’s world. Whether your priority is growing leadership strength, creating a positive and constructive culture, or building amazing teams, the Insights system is a scaleable, simple yet deep tool, to focus on your priorities!

How we approach it

We use Insights to ensure your organisation stays relevant and effective in a constantly changing world. Nowadays that means we use Insights Discovery to do the following for all types of businesses:

  • creating humanist cultures that people want to join and be part of
  • using all strengths and preferences to innovate and stay ahead of competition
  • operating with speed and agility
  • ramping up teams to deliver projects on time and on budget
  • assisting leaders and teams to navigate change

We use the Insights system as a flexible tool to bring clarity and direction to whatever business challenge you are facing.


What can Insights do for you or your business?

Contact us and we can co-create something special