Belbin team role profiling

Whether your team operates using agile or not it doesn’t matter. Unleashing team effectiveness through discovering how each person can contribute their own unique and different talents for the team is a must.

Unlock team capacity

The Belbin Team Role profile helps team members see where they can best contribute to their team’s activity and targets. Individuals and people who know them well complete a multi-rater instrument to get a robust insight into their own strengths, limitations and improvement areas. The team can also can see where they are strong and where there are gaps from the Belbin team profile. Using the profiles, great teams can be formed, existing teams can be better understood and improved, and teams in crisis can find out why. In all situations, teams are able to discuss dynamics and performance in a deeper, more acknowledging way, getting to the crux of issues directly and respectfully.


How we Develop Teams

Step 1 - Team context deep dive

Our consultant talks to the team leader and other key stakeholders to get to grips with the team’s purpose, priorities, KPI’s and challenges.

Step 2 - Complete online questionnaires

Individuals complete the Belbin Self Perception Index (SPI) questionnaire and each nominate 5 colleagues to complete Belbin Observer questionnaires.

Once everyone has completed their questionnaire we generate Belbin SPI profiles for each individual.

Step 3 - Belbin team development workshop

Our consultants develop tailored workshops focusing on the unique needs of each team. In your workshop team members will take part in self-reflection processes, discussions and activities to:-

  • understand their own profiles
  • get to grips with the team make-up and what it means for performance
  • icentify things to change to deal with specific challenges and optimise morale, performance and outputs
  • Commit to a team plan to take things forward together

Step 4 - Team retrospective

Teams are complex, dynamic social networks needing regular attention. At an agreed point after the workshop the team gets together again to explore progress against their plan, celebrate successes and re-plan areas that aren’t working.

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