Personal mastery

Knowing yourself – your strengths, weaknesses, goals, values – is at the root of success in any role.  Personal mastery assists us in navigating the complexities of work 4.0, the integration of personal and professional worlds, and creating meaning and sustained energy at work.

Our Approach

Each of us is uniquely complex. We approach personal mastery from this premise and build unique workshops zoning in on specific areas of emotional intelligence, personal mastery and continuous development of self. Whatever the content you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and understand your own strengths and challenges. You will identify and build on your resources, tap into yourself more consciously and therefore heighten your personal and professional influence.

Personal mastery is crucial for working in a constantly evolving world. People who are self-aware contribute to cultures that are engaging and evoke humanist behaviours.

To support you in strengthening self-awareness and personal qualities, we tailor-make workshops to create maximum value for you in your specific context. The workshop impact can be heightened by follow-up individual coaching.

When you attend one of our personal mastery workshops you can expect to get:

  • Deepened understanding of who you are, your strengths and areas of growth
  • Increased confidence at work and in other social environments
  • Effective ways of having difficult conversations and dealing with conflict situations
  • Tools to show your whole self when engaging with others
  • Increased personal influence and impact
  • Time to reflect on all of the above, feedback and coaching on identified areas of growth
Personal Development Crossovers

We often use Personality Profiling such as Insights Discovery or the Enneagram as tools to aid self-awareness, as they speed up self-discovery and personal growth.

Personal Profiles are also often the starting block for leadership effectiveness, as personal mastery and confidence are at the root of authentic and humane leadership of others. To see how we integrate the two have a look at our Leadership Development suite.

"The arena of 'self' is not always a straightforward one - and CONTRACT has the knack of managing conversations and groups in a constructive manner; with participants walking away with a large amount of food for thought and actionable items. Facilitators work to earn student's trust and they warm to the facilitators in a short space of time - a critical element in a productive learning environment."