Leading in work 4.0

Leaders today lead in an ever-changing, demanding and complex world, and need skills to inspire, develop and guide individuals. We equip them to create cultures that combine the best of futurist, agilist and humanist ways of being.
Leadership in work 4.0 requires managers at al levels to remain relevant, feel that they can actively shape the future for themselves, their colleagues and their organisation. We provide tools and assist in developing mindsets and behaviours that do just that.

Our Leadership Development System (LDS) is the framework we use to develop customised leadership development programmes. With you we use the LDS to pinpoint the right focus areas for your business and create the necessary components to deliver outcomes at speed.

The LDS looks at leadership through three lenses – leading yourself, leading others and leading a system.

Leading Yourself
  • Leadership self-awareness – clarifying your leadership ‘DNA’
  • Consciously creating and integrating different roles
  • Managing yourself & developing resilience
  • Developing agile ways of leading, futurist thinking and humanist behaviour
Leading People, Teams & Networks
  • Strengthening interactions and relationships
  • Developing trust and a secure base
  • Nurturing psychological safety
  • Providing vision and direction for people to get behind
  • Mentoring, coaching and role-modelling
Leading a System
  • Systemic thinking and approaches
  • Building your network and powerful influencing
  • Thinking like a futurist: Strategic planning and execution
  • Applying agile methods

First-time & middle managers

Moving into your first management position requires many shifts in behaviour and attitude. Leadership 4.0, with a changing world and a different generation of employees, calls for leaders with high emotional intelligence and leadership skill. In our leadership interventions you will benefit personally and professionally by:

  • Building self-awareness and getting to know what kind of leader you can be
  • Tapping into your strengths, and using them more effectively
  • Developing your own way of connecting and communicating that leaves a positive mark
  • Finding ways to lead others with clarity, passion and purpose
  • Learning methods to motivate, acknowledge and inspire your people

Senior Leaders

Experienced leaders often find themselves in a rather ‘lonely’ space regarding their leadership practice, as they have relatively few opportunities to confide, share or learn from others.

Our interventions allow leaders to tap into a network of peers who share similar situations and issues. We support them in refreshing their strengths, reflecting on what they know works and challenge them to stay relevant by acquiring and practising new approaches.

Experienced leaders leave our interventions re-energised with latest thinking for they can apply in the ever-changing and volatile business world, and at the same time reminded of the people practises that will never be ‘out of date’.


  • Results that assist you in delivering your strategy and respond to your challenges in a ‘futurist’ way
  • A strong, positive leadership culture and shared leadership spirit
  • Individuals who fill their roles with purpose and thrive on leading in volatile and fast changing times
  • Leaders who live a humanist mindset, and are role models for positive and trusting relationships
  • Capability to tackle today’s changing workplace and shape it with vision and flexibility
  • Managers who embrace change and lead others in a networked, agile way
  • Leaders who sustain success through cross-level relationships and cross-functional collaboration
"The leadership development programme held by CONTRACT is one of the best I have participated in. I would emphasise the excellent balance between theory, exercise and practical case studies. As a participant, it is a great opportunity to learn, reflect on real-life situations with others, leading to a deeper understanding of the tools and techniques provided."
"I attended a leadership workshop hosted by CONTRACT. The workshop was challenging on all levels, facilitated by a trainer with success in business and as a leadership guru. The workshop had ample opportunity to interact with other delegates; these interactions gave a chance to help brainstorm solutions for each other. Through this process, I realised what leadership changes were needed in our organsiation."
"CONTRACT designed and facilitate our premium leadership programme for Senior Managers. Their insight into the realm of of leadership was incredibly unique, refreshing and challenging. What makes their approach to learning so innovative is that they really promote behavioural change in people."
"The CONTRACT team worked with us to design a bespoke people manager’s programme where our leaders have gained invaluable skills to lead their teams into a fast-moving, uncertain future. The programme focuses on the overall leadership role, from performance management to motivation, communicating effectively and leading in times of change. Leaders gain insight into their own leadership personality, and become more skilled and self-aware leaders for their teams. The final part of the programme focuses on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and our leaders are being challenged to be self-aware and responsible leaders in our South African context. The programme is engaging and practical and the discussions are relevant to the managers’ day to day reality. Contract have also worked with our DEI committee in developing the tools required to support not only the business, but also colleagues who have questions and want support and guidance."

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"All 11 of our managers who went for skills development and coaching are performing, reaching their goals, and being well rewarded."