Building resilience for a volatile world

The human capacity for burden is like a bamboo – far more flexible than you’d ever believe at first glance


Resilience Drives Success

The world is increasing in pace, complexity and pressure. We need to learn ways to bend with this, to manage and even grow from the stress that this creates. We need to build resilience, and with resilience, drive success.

Research has shown that physical and psychological ill health from low levels of resilience cost organisations 30 times more than when employees are resilient and thriving. Most CEOs pick motivated workforce, retention of top performers and reduced absenteeism amongst the factors crucial to their organisation’s success.

Using CONTRACT’s 4P method we support you in building resilience, to assist you in all aspects of your life, especially as the boundaries between work life and personal life are getting ever more blurred.


CONTRACT 4P resilience development

The 4P concept provides opportunity to reflect, discuss, learn tools and methods to increase your reilience around four key areas; your purpose, people, personal and physical aspects of how you live your life. We establish areas that you are putting effort into and where there are gaps you can choose to fill.

The workshop or on-line programme explores:

  • how you make choices; do you react or respond with intention
  • How you can take action on a physical level that suits you
  • What you can do to strengthen and support your personal mindset.
  • What the status of your relationships and support network are, and how to develop them
  • Creating purpose for yourself by looking into your possible futures and making some choices about the legacy you want to leave
  • How you can integrate these decions and actions so that resilience is sustained

Focus areas

  • Building self-awareness about where your levels of resilience are high and where they need to be strengthened
  • An understanding about stress; what causes it, what impact it has on holistic wellness and what can be done about it
  • Strengthening self-efficacy and building a constructive and resilient mindset
  • Clarifying what personal purpose and vision you want
  • Creating a context specific and practical action plan to live in a way that provides you with sustained resilience, whatever may happen


Sustainable resilience

Methods and tactics that will ensure you can thrive and remain resilient through pressurised, unfamiliar and difficult situations

Sustainable productivity

Build your energy, mental bandwidth and strength of mind to deliver in today’s high-pressure, deadline-driven, always on, always changing environment

Practical approach

Tools and ways of being that can be implemented to shape an integrated and fulfilling life

Quality of life

Tools and ways of being that can be implemented to shape an integrated and fulfilling life

Feeling concerned about an overwhelmed, stressed or burnt-out workforce

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