Creating an organisation for the future

Changing organisations is a tough ask; having a partner who does it regularly and with a futurist lens can prepare your business for what is to come.  It’s what we do.

 As individuals we know how important it is to stay ‘true to who we are’.  Paradoxically, we also appreciate it is important to keep learning, growing and staying relavent.  For organisations in this time standing still isn’t really an option, so re-inventing where necessary to ‘stay ahead of the game’ is critical.  We guide organisations using our futurist lens and methods  without losing their core cultural DNA that makes them special and unique.

Our Approach

Agile, systemic and human

Whatever change projects we take on we apply both our futurist strategic, and, agile operational lenses to ensure the organisation is fit for the future and fast on its feet in the present.

We take an unashamedly humanist perspective; we believe that people sit at the centre of any decision or action in a business so we advise on what you can do to develop your human system. 

Our engagements involve us co-creating with you, and we work hard at delivering integrated solutions that tie all aspects of a business together.

Light touch, rich results

We also believe in changing only what is absolutely necessary; we advise on keeping things simple.  We get rich results by adapting the elements that make the organisation stronger for the future and nothing more. We leave people in the business to add their own ‘magic’ as they bring it to life in the coming months.

Partner & provider

We believe the only successful way to consult is to partner and work alongside leaders and specialists.  We work at whatever level of involvement is necessary, and always hand-in-hand every step of the way.


What we do

Flexible structures

In a fast-changing world rigid structures will hold you back.  We can assist you developing a people model that enables the structure to adapt quickly to changes in the environment, take on new business opportunities or respond to competitive disruption. We explore with you the skillsets required, how to create fluid networks of teams that form and re-form as needs arise, and how the whole people system comes together as a functioning, flexible, whole. 

Engaging Cultures

To grow and be sustainable in a competitive and changeable market a positive culture is critical. It’s important in a world where businesses are always under scrutiny and social media means slip-ups travel fast.  Building a culture where people want to stay creates value; it brings stability, continuity and a strong ‘corporate memory’, crucial for sustainability.  It also attracts great people in too.

Agile methods

We often recommend bringing in Agile approaches and methods with flexible structures, where they bring speed and innovation into play.  This enables speed to market, putting customers first, iterative ‘fail fast, learn often’ methods and collaborative team practices.

Outcomes you can Expect
  • Consultants who know how to ‘fine-tune’ individuals, teams and organisations to ensure sustainable growth and performance
  • Integrated processes and practices that can flex to cope with volatility and fast change
  • Latest futurist thinking from consultants with multi-sector experience and strong track-records
  • Solutions that take into account strategic priorities, agile processes, people development and change expertise
  • Tailored solutions built especially for your business that are humanist, futurist and agilist
  • An ongoing relationship so you have someone to walk with you through your business change opportunities and challenges

Does your organisation have the tools to regularly reinvent itself?

Contact us to find out how we do it