Blended Learning Journeys

Do you want to update your training options and get the best of all learning formats at the same time? Blended Learning Journeys are the way to go; combining the convenience of on-demand digital content and short vitual workshops with colleagues to deepen knowledge and bring it to life in your workplace.

Our Blended Learning Journeys

So, what does the best of all learning formats include? Our blended learning combines the flexibility of self-directed learning with the impactful guidance of (virtual) live-sessions facilitated by experienced trainers and coaches. With our sister organisation troodi we create customised development paths that can be seamlessly integrated into your everyday work routine. 

During the self-learning phase participants are able to focus solely on acquiring knowledge through an effective mix of short videos, work sheets, quizzes and anecdotes.  The learning programme content is then brought to life through coaching, training, and group work in (virtual) live workshops.  The journey is guided and brought together with ongoing email nurturing, so that learners have reminders, questions and timelines to work towards.

Blended learning ensures a holistic and empowering development journey.


A typical learning journey is shown below:

  • This example shows two digital learning programmes and two live virtual application workshops.
  • This journey would typically be 6-8 weeks long.
  • Journeys can include only 1 learning prgramme or as many as 7 or 8.
  • It starts on the left with a welcome and onboarding email.
  • All of them contain an onboarding email, a (virtual) live kick off, managed access to each learning programme, a celebration/close session, all bound together by nurturing emails to mantain energy and momentum.
  • The journey is rounded off with a certificate of completion.
Customised development paths

Tailored to your organization, our Blended Learning Journeys target the needs of your team members, ensuring practical relevance and seamless integration.

Diverse learning methods

Engaging methods such as videos, worksheets, quizzes, anecdotes, and more, foster effective development and sustained motivation.

Ongoing Guidance

The accompanying email nurturing guides participants through the development process, helping participants  to deepen the knowledge, ensure engagement and maintain momentum in busy roles.

Holistic Approach

With a combination of self-directed learning, utilising  troodi’s state-of-the-art digital learning programs, and (virtual) live-sessions facilitated by experienced trainers and coaches, the application of critical workplace skills, methods and processes is optimised.

What is in a Blended Journey?

Our tailored Blended Learning Journeys consist of digital learning programmes, live facilitated application sessions and motivating emails. These Blended Learning Journeys are divided into small learning units so that they can be integrated easily into participants’ daily work routines.


  • A mix of videos, quizzes, downloadable reflection sheets, handouts & working materials
  • Learners are provided a fixed time to complete the learning programme before the next stage
Acquiring knowledge on important and practical elements within a given topic


  • Facilitating, coaching and peer-group work
  • Working on individiual cases, challenges and cases
  • Applying the content to their working reality
Reflection and transfer of learning programme content into their own situation



  • Regular email contact to keep learners engaged
  • Additional content
  • Reminders and small challenges
Facilitating the process, deepening of knowledge & Ongoing support

100 +

Digital Learning Programmes are available as part of our blended journeys


completion rate of Digital Learning Programmes


out of 5 stars from user feedback


Blended Learning Programmes are available with learning programmes from 9 topic areas

Personal Development

  • Mindset & Personality Development
  • Health & Inner Balance
  • Presence & Personal Brand


  • Productive Teamwork
  • Succesful Communication
  • Agility & New Work


  • Leading Yourself
  • Leading Inidviduals & Teams
  • Management & Organisational Development

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troodi are our sister company and trusted partner in develping and delivering Blended Learning Journeys. They develop, shoot and host all the digital learning programmes on their platform, as well as providing the email nurturing that guides and challenges learners through the journey. Visit their website here.

We at CONTRACT provide the faciliative skill and content matter expertise in two areas. Some of our team help create & present topics in the digital learning programmes, and others facilitate within the live virtual kick-offs and application sessions, to deepen insight, explore real cases and support transfer into learners everyday working practices. Find out more about what we do here.

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