Leading with Agility

Change is a given in today’s disruptive world and leaders need to learn to live with, and encourage, “continuous revolution

Creating a new way of being

For leaders and managers accepting that curve balls are the ‘new normal’ is the first step to thriving and seeing opportunities.  It is not just about cultivating a different mindset or working differently, it’s about creating a new way of being.  When only the start point is certain, leaders need to be brave and step out into the void trusting that they can work it out together with their team.  More than this leaders need to be able to embrace emergent practices and say, “I don’t know exactly how we are going to reach our destination, but we’ll figure it out together.”

Step in Agile. Not the buzzword, or a framework, but a mindset and way of working that the leader and his/her team create together that is specific to their own unique ‘system’.  If you think blueprints still work in this volatile, complex and unpredictable world perhaps you should think again…

We provide leaders with a guided learning process that enables a shift of leadership mindset that enables managers to map out a team’s new normal.

Leading with Agility

We offer different leading with agile development processes, each one tailored to your needs. From short intro sessions to longer on-line processes that you can integrate into your working week easily.  Most of our Leading with Agility training lasts 2 days – either as a face-to-face workshop or a modular on-line journey.  We think the topics below enable leaders at all levles to make this step.

  • Understanding the different facets of agile – what it is and what it is not.
  • Where does Agile come from – looking at it’s roots.
  • Being agile; a change of mindset.
  • Leading agile; what’s expected of you.
  • Doing agile; some frameworks and roles you can use with your team
  • Taking agile into your team; creating a map to change their mindsets and ways of working.
  • Setting you up for success with the team.

Benefits and outcomes

  • An established baseline for an agile culture or team in your organisation and how to lead it.
  • A hunger for agile that creates a motivation to change.
  • Mindsets that ensure agility will flourish.
  • A transformed culture typified by open dialogue and transparent processes.
  • Frameworks in place that provide structure, assess performance and ensure a climate of continuous improvement.
  • Clearer roles, processes and systems that inter-connect to facilitate fast and flexible delivery.

Is leadership holding back your agile ambitions?

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