Developing an agile culture

Change is nothing new. What is new is the hyper-speed at which change is happening. We show you how to be agile at every level and turn change into a thriving culture.

Change in an ever-changing world

Our days are filled with faster change than ever in all parts of our lives; the economy politics, society and of course technology. Your businesses and workplaces continue to be heavily affected by these. Disruptive thinking, new business models, demanding customers, higher employee expectations and flexible working are forcing organisations to change. And they are innovating more than ever to stay ahead; new products, streamlined processes, systems on the cloud, scrums, huddles and virtual teams.  The list goes on! There is a danger in this – it can become too complicated, too clever, and fail to work; we are big fans of keeping things simple. In an increasingly complex world, cutting through the noise and changing only that which will make a difference is how to drive things forward, quickly, flexibly and most importantly of all, with people at the wheel.

Agile change workshop

Managing change is therefore not a skill that is a ‘nice-to-have’ anymore. It is an integral part of any managers’ leadership repertoire; leading businesses means leading change. Leadership Development and Change Management are interrelated challenges and in our ‘leading change’ training, we incorporate this awareness.

Focus areas for our developing agile culture processes
  • Work 4.0: putting today’s workplace under the microscope and what it means for leading change
  • Personal dynamics in change: fears, attitudes and drivers
  • Change Management: old vs. new thinking, structured vs. emergent approaches
  • The agile workplace: Understanding and mastering a different and more flexible approach
  • A change toolbox: Planning change, communicating change, motivating for change
  • Secure base leadership: an approach to mental and emotional leadership to enable change and integrate it into daily life
  • Our own framework for leading change; connect, drive, enable
  • The Change Navigator: working together on complex change topics


  • A deep understanding of change, its dynamics and importance of an agile mindset
  • Leaders and employees who understand the systemic complexity of change
  • Seeing change as emergent, ongoing and humanistic
  • Leaders and employees who work collaboratively, transparently and positively
  • Individuals who are resilient and positive about change
  • People who can integrate project work with their day-to-day responsibilities
  • An increased ability to tackle change challenges in humanistic, futurist and agilist ways

Do people in your organisation resist or ignore efforts to change?

Contact us, we can help them to be confident and agile