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Resilience in a COVID World

The world is not what it used to be. Waves of change are hitting us daily, and have been for over 6 months now. Our private lives are no longer our own, colliding with our professional lives and impacting us at a very personal level. Many of us are being asked to return to work, which has its own anxieties; others have always been at the front line working to provide us with food, health care or safety, and some of us are still working, and living, in isolation. And that picture has changed and will keep on changing for the forseeable future.

How do we remain grounded and resilient and not be overwhelmed by it all? How can we look after ourselves, and others close to us in this ever-changing present and ultimately unknowable future.

We have opened up a space for anyone to join us to reflect on what we can do to build our resilience to avoid being overwhelmed. Its the 7th coffee corner we have held in this COVID world we now live in.

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