Our training options

We are humanists at heart and love training face-to-face, however we also know the benefits online training brings.  I guess we can say that the mix of the two might stay around.  We call this blended learning.  You’ll also be pleased to know we offer all three options!

The world is changing. Over 61% of employees currently work from home and many organisations aren’t planning to  dismantle home office arrangements. New challenges surface every day in collaboration and leadership and we are required to adapt, not only in our thinking but in the way we engage with learning.

At CONTRACT we work together with troodi GmbH to bring you a solution to this for your team and organisation; blended learning is a combination of digital self-directed learning and live interactive sessions diving into the real world of our unique experience and challenges.  It really is the best of both worlds!

Our blended learning journeys

Development journeys that last between 1 and 6 months

A learning programme that our consultants co-create to ensure it hits the mark for you

From one to six modules that are themed and tailored to provide learning on specific topics within the programme eg leadership

Up to 8 hours of educational videos in each blended learning journey and up to 100 pages of learning and reflection material

Up to 18 hours of live sessions with an experienced facilitator which can be face-to-face or online

Motivating emails with additional material and suggestions for reflection

On-boarding of learners to set them up for success throughout the journey

We partner with our amazing sister company troodi – look at their selection of digital learning options. 

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Face-to-face training

CONTRACT has been developing people using face-to-face methodolgy for over 10 years, and their consultants for even longer.  Our workshops are insightful, deep yet practical, focus on real issues, and tailored for an organisation or team’s unique needs.  We’re a humanist business so we build workshops around people’s unique needs: we don’t do ‘off the shelf’!

Our training sessions can be short two hour sessions, stand-alone two day workshops or a modular programme consisting of ten or twelve days over a year.  The breadth and depth of content is what we work out with you as we scope it our together.

Our clients tell us our workshops are:

  • Practical and focus on what people need to resolve
  • Provide tools that leaders and employees can apply to help them change
  • Informal and engaging so people feel comfortable to open up, share, discuss and get involved
  • Collaborative to enable learners to both self-reflect and assist each other with issues, challenges and opportunities
  • Enjoyable and challenging at the same time


Online training

Like many we evolved our online service during 2020.  We found ways to make our intensely personal and humanist style work via Zoom and Teams, and other online tools.  All our trademark style and approach you would expect are still there with some  adaptions for the remote world we now inhabit.

  • We work in shorter modules to guard against ‘Zoom fatigue’
  • We still insist on small groups to encourage participation
  • We use breakout rooms regularly to give learners time to reflect, discuss and apply to their world
  • We recommend a series of sessions to allow for reflection, application and ‘off-line’ work in between modules – we find this enables internalising learning and facilitates putting things into practice

And we can even build programmes with a blend of face to face and digital formats – the best of both worlds!


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