Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

As the business world becomes increasingly globalised, successfully managing a diverse workforce is one of the top priorities that organisations face today. It’s complex and strewn with potential pot-holes; we offer an experienced hand to guide you through. 

As specialists in leadership development and organisational development based in South Africa we are well placed to tackle this complex topic. We bring our psychological, organisational, and personal experience into this area to support individuals, teams and organisations to transform their workplaces into safe, inclusive spaces where all can flourish.

Our Approach to DEI

The challenge organisations face is not diversity, but rather that leaders find it difficult, or have blind spots about, the depth and range of dynamics raised by it. They feel safer with a team similar to themselves, or unable to let go of their prejudice, and so are unable to enjoy the potential that a multicultural team brings. 

A key catalyst for improving diversity, equity, inclusionand belonging is to develop inclusive leadership. As the need for more diversity at all levels of organisations increases, a greater need for inclusive behaviours and leadership emerges.

We support business leaders to develop inclusive leadership and practices in all aspects of their organisations.


DEI Strategy Development

  • Organisation-wide Diversity, Equity and Inclusion pulse survey
  • Alignment on focus areas, and commitment to DEI
  • Data-driven plan for DEI with key milestones and a variety of organisation-wide initiatives

Support for Individuals & Leaders

  • One-on-one leadership coaching or leadership development workshops
  • Unpacking individual blind spots and biases
  • Leading a diverse team
  • Practices to enhance DEI awareness and inclusive leadership approaches

DEI in Organisations & Teams

  • DEI workshops with intact teams
  • Understanding key elements of DEI
  • Unpacking individual blind spots, biases, power & privilege, micro-aggressions and interrupting bias
  • Building psychological safety
  • Creating breakthrough conversations

Benefits for your Organisation

An inclusive work culture which heightens innovation and employer brand

Highly sensitive leaders who lead with awareness and care in a South African context

Powerful tools available within the organisation to call out bias and move forward

Higher staff retention due to an attractive and inclusive culture

Enhanced systems and processes to support organisational and societal transformation

If you want an inclusive workplace we can support you

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