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Change is not a project it is an ever-present part of life so why do so many organisations fail to achieve what they set out to?

How do market leading organisations collapse when faced with new technologies, new competitors, new disruption, or new regulation – when they have everything at their disposal to reinvent in time?

In today’s volatile and turbulent world, organisations need to be ready – ready to anticipate change, plan and design how to change, and implement it in a way that brings all the qualities, energy and people in their organisation together.

Yet, so often…strategists are at odds with “soft-hearted” people leaders. Marketers don’t see eye to eye with business modellers and finance. R&D get into disputes with the conservative forecasters and risk managers. Operations are often too far away from the decision-making table…and everyone is frustrated with the results, with finger-pointing and criticism going round and round in circles.

It’s a bleak picture and it’s not always the case. There are some incredible exceptions, but it does happen for about 75% of change initiatives. Our inability to cope with volatile change is stunting our local and global resilience and reinvention capacity.

So what do we do?

We can stop looking for one simple answer, one magic solution, one silver bullet – and create an integrated reinvention system that produces and plants enough “seeds,” enough experiments and initiatives – of which many will not make it, but some will succeed and bear fruit. We start working with one integrated framework and create a thought-through, result-oriented, well-oiled process we can use time after time.

The old tools don’t work anymore! The way we have been developing strategic plans, your budgeting process, financial management, innovation and even HR methods are out of date. Designed for times that we stable, predictable and slow-moving. Its time to change the way you change!

Phil Isle

Senior Facilitator & Coach